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Bicycle battery rebuild​

  • BH E-motion 36V: 6190 NOK (14 Ah)

    • Either curved or flat, with a plastic case.

  • BH E-motion 48V: 6990 NOK (10.5 Ah)

    • Either curved or flat, with a plastic case.

  • Evoride: 5990 NOK (14 Ah), 6990 NOK (17.5 Ah)

  • Sunlight 2: 4490 NOK (10.5 Ah)

    • ELECTRICxW Assistive Tech

    • Serial numbers starting XY JK Y36V10AH ...

    • Black aluminium tube with plastic end caps

  • Wisper: 6190 NOK (17.5 Ah)

    • Either the version that slides under the seat, or the one on the carrier rack.

  • Bosch PowerPack 300/400/500: 6190 NOK (14 Ah)

    • Same price for frame mounted and rack versions.

  • XXL/Biltema/Ecoride/Spin: 5990 NOK (14 Ah), 6790 NOK (17.5 Ah)

All rebuilds are done with brand new, original LG cells. The turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks, from the moment we receive it.

Repairs without rebuild
  • Shimano 8xxx broken charge port: 2990 NOK 

  • Shimano 6xxx blinking but not charging: 1990 NOK

    • We cannot guarantee a fix. If we cannot fix it, there is no cost.​

  • Evoride does not turn on: 2490 NOK

  • Bosch management system swap: 2990 NOK

  • Biltema reactivation: 1990 NOK

  • BH E-motion control board: 2990 NOK

  • BH E-motion connector fix: 1990 NOK

Capacity check on any battery: 800 NOK

There are a few brands on which we cannot do a capacity test, for example Shimano.​

Black list

We do not work on:

  • BH batteries with metal case

  • BH batteries with Brose (mid-drive) motor

  • BionX

  • Protanium

  • Segway

  • Bosch PowerTube

  • Derby Cycle / Kalkhoff / BMZ

  • Specialised

  • Giant

  • Momas

  • Yamaha

  • Shimano rebuilds

General terms
  • We can receive batteries sent to us by mail. We charge 200 kr for return shipping.

  • We do not take bicycles or e-scooters or other similar devices in - only the batteries themselves, with the charger and key.

  • Please do not forget to take the charger and key (if applicable) when you bring or send your battery in for service.

  • All prices are inclusive MVA, and in Norwegian kroner. We offer one year warranty on all the work that we carry out.

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