Repair & Reuse

We offer scalable repair solutions for prematurely failing battery models, and second-life solutions for functional-but-obsolete batteries.


All in the name of reducing the environmental footprint of awesome technology.

Battery cell reuse –
'second life'

Recycling is only a part solution to the electrical waste problem. Millions of good quality cells are being recycled instead of finding a second life in e-bikes, boats, golf carts, or anything that needs cordless power. When fast product cycles render functional batteries obsolete, we can offer disassembly and reuse.

Repair is the best solution to reduce waste, and possibly the most efficient way a retailer or fleet operator may reduce its environmental footprint – and check the boxes on ESG criteria.

Yedlik offers no-nonsense cost-efficient repair solutions at scale. We analyse failed samples, design a priced proposal, and execute at scale.

All of the work takes place in our Oslo battery workshop – no international shipping, no export hassle, no third parties, and no unnecessary CO2 emitted.