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Custom production runs

Battkomp offers custom lithium-ion batteries for any mobility application — including enclosures, management systems and communication systems.  We are specialised in the 0.5 to 10 kWh range. A non-exhaustive list of our portfolio:


Pallet jack conversion

After examining the obsolete, expensive, heavy, and low-capacity NiMH batteries these forklifts came with, we engineered a compatible lithium-ion solution replacing everything  only maintaining the aluminium frame from the original batteries. Although the forklift controller does not recognise the difference, the operator sure does!

Available for purchase from Hesselberg Truck AS.


Golf cart conversion

Swapping high-maintenance flooded lead acid batteries for lithium, these golf carts became lighter, longer-range and easier to operate. We use cost-efficient and environmentally friendly second-life cells from EVs.


The cost of the conversion is similar to a routine battery replacement, and comes with a warranty.


Solar street lights

These batteries were built for BTG AS, and currently serve in street lights in Fornebu. They are built of environment friendly second-life cells from our cooperation with Lime, and are of higher capacity as well as lighter in weight than the lead acid batteries they replace.

Off-grid campervan

A one-off solution to provide full comfort on the go  this 24 kWh, 8 kWp system can provide apartment-level comfort in a camper van. We provided chargers and the inverter along with the battery based on second life Volkswagen eGolf cells.


(Photo is illustration)


Super size BH Bike

We built larger cell holders for BH e-bike batteries, so that we can offer unique high capacity solutions without compromising the ease of use or compatibility.


These batteries are no longer available for purchase.

Custom connectors and discharge enablers

We developed compatible charger plugs for Bosch e-bike systems as well as an embedded system that simulates a Bosch bicycle controller, so that the Bosch batteries can be discharged on standard capacity testers.


This solution, along with chargers, adapters, and plugs are available for purchase.


Custom bicycle batteries

We have made a number of one-offs for custom e-bike builds. We no longer offer custom one-offs, only small-scale production of 5+ units.

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