At Battkomp we place high-value on diversity and training the next generation of engineers. We are employing new graduates and interns — offering them a chance to get a footing in the industry and gain valuable work experience.

Our alumni went on to work at some fo the coolest companies in Norway.

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Sami Ullah

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Sami has an MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  from UiT, and worked as a battery engineer at Battkomp (former Yedlik) as a new graduate. He went on to develop awesome tech at WellGuard AS.

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Hafeez Omosanya

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After receiving his MSc's in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, Hafeez  worked as a battery repair technician at Battkomp (former Yedlik).

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Wiktor Wacławiec

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Wiktor spent the summer of '21 working on battery sorting and recycling as a summer intern at Battkomp (former Yedlik). He is still studying at the Technical School of Szczecinek in Poland.

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Nicolás González Álvarez

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Nicolás wrote his master thesis at Battkomp (former Yedlik), and naturally has received the best possible mark from the University of Oviedo. His designs are in use to this day, and he went on to work on second life batteries at RePack.

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Jurgen Asko

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While finishing his MSc in Microelectronics and Sensors from the University of Oslo, Jurgen worked as a battery technician at Battkomp (former Yedlik). He went on to work at Graphcore.

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Asad Mehmood

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While finishing his masters in Electrical Engineering at UiT, Asad worked on a variety of projects as a battery engineer at Battkomp (former Yedlik). He went on to work on batteries for Corvus.


Muhammad Uzair Kiani 

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Uzair built dozens and dozens of bicycle batteries, helped develop our communication boards, and trained colleagues joining after him. He has a MSc in Electrical Engineering from UiT, and went on to work for EmLogic AS.


Saeed Akram

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Saeed was our first repair engineer with a UiT Electrical Engineering MSc background. He not only repaired many batteries, but helped building up our workshop, and recommended us to many future colleagues from UiT! He went on to design solutions for Tingvalla Elektro AS.

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Theofanis Bozioris

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Fanis was Battkomp's (former Yedlik) first battery repair engineer, and as such he helped form the company. With a BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Theofanis worked at Battkomp (former Yedlik) as an electrical engineer for many months, becoming fully proficient in all of the bicycle battery models. He continued his career at Barona.

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Arslan Gul Abbasi

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Arslan did his master in Electrical Engineering at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway. He worked at Battkomp as an electrical engineer in battery repairs and production.

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The non-engineers

We couldn't have made it without the support team also young, smart, and ambitious, but contributing in the non-engineering areas of the business.

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Katerina Leblova

Operations manager
Katerina has a MSc in Education and her main tasks revolved around customer care and managing Yedlik's workshop.

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Debora de Vries

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Marketing and sales
During her MSc in Strategic Marketing Management at BI Business School, Debora has been assisting with Battkomp's marketing activities.

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