Compatible battery solutions

Concept, design, prototype and production, all in one place.

Batteries for golf carts, forklifts, e-bikes, small EVs, wheelchairs

and more — giving your eVehicles a second life! 

About Battkomp

Battkomp reduces waste by extending the life of batteries and battery-driven products. Our core competence is lithium-ion batteries in the 0.5 to 10 kWh range.

Battery production

Battkomp produces batteries in any shape or size, complete with housing, safety system, appropriate connectors, and communication system to ensure complete compatibility with the host device.

  • Give older battery-driven products a new life by converting from lead acid or NiMH to lithium

  • Help your product development by providing custom batteries for prototypes

  • Available with new or second-life battery cells

The battery production services are targeted towards customers who wish to order at least 5-10 batteries.

Repairs & Reuse

No design is perfect. We offer troubleshooting and scalable repair solutions for battery types failing prematurely.


When fast product cycles render functional batteries obsolete, we can offer disassembly and reuse reducing the environmental footprint of fast technology. We turn the waste of yesterday into the building blocks of tomorrow.


We are constantly employing interns and new graduates. By working with us, they get a unique hands-on experience, and a fast track to the best battery firms of Norway. At the same time, Battkomp gets access to curious, motivated, and talented minds.​

We work closely with universities and innovation clusters to push the limits on product life cycles, and are always happy to show our work to those interested.


Why: Have fun and engineer neat things that make a difference.


How: We make transport electrification live up to its promise of sustainability.


What: We offer rebuilds, repairs, and repurposing for mobility batteries.


Our insight is that EV waste could be drastically reduced if:

  • Product life were extended through up-to-date batteries

  • Simple problems were cost-efficiently repaired

  • Functional-but-obsolete battery packs found a second life

The bottlenecks are:

  • Proprietary connectors, communication protocols, housing designs
  • Tooling for efficient disassembly

  • Capable people

Our three business areas address these three bottlenecks.