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Batteries - Made in Norway 🇳🇴

Concept, design, prototype, production.

Batteries for golf carts, forklifts, e-bikes, small EVs, wheelchairs

and more — giving your eVehicles a second life! 

We do not repair batteries anymore.

About Battkomp

Battkomp designs and produces li-ion batteries for small mobility applications. If it moves, but smaller than a car - we do it!

Design and production

Battkomp can produce batteries in any shape or size, complete with housing, safety systems, appropriate connectors, and communication systems to ensure complete compatibility with the host device.

  • Help your product development by providing custom batteries for prototypes

  • Give older battery-driven products a new life by converting from lead acid or NiMH to lithium

  • Provide replacement batteries for products where the OEM is no longer available

The battery production services are targeted towards customers who wish to order at least 5-10 batteries.



We see a world where designers work alongside advanced machinery to dream up, prototype, and mass produce - all in the same place, enjoying short feedback loops, and the creativity and work satisfaction it induces. With advances in automation, manufacturing will stay close to where the designers, the capital, and the customers are.

In that new world and mindset, Battkomp strives to grow into a battery factory that builds high-quality, high-performance batteries for demanding mobility applications. We cover the module design, assembly, housing, and battery management part of the battery value chain.

The niche we start with are replacement batteries for small EVs where the original batteries are no longer available or desirable. Making these batteries extends the life of the EV, providing economical and environmental advantage. As we produce brand new batteries for already existing EVs, we call this concept the AfterFactory.

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